Original Paintings
Applying Van Gogh Techniques

The artists in Deborah Giese’s Water Mixable Oil Painting Techniques class discover a new Master Painter each semester.    This Winter Session 2022, the class will be introduced to John Singer Sargent. The class theme is to paint with bold, direct, and loose strokes.

During the PVAC Spring Session 2021 the class studied master painter, Vincent van Gogh, to coordinate with the van Gogh PVAC “Starry Starry Night” presentation. The students practiced van Gogh’s painting techniques of broken color, dashes, and streaks unique to van Gogh as well as impasto, alla prima, wet on wet, outline, and the use of complementary colors.  They completed studies and painted a master copy of their choice that included one of van Gogh’s notable works from the Irises, The Starry Night, and his Sunflower series.  At the end of the class, the artists created their original artwork using what they learned in the session.

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