The process of making art is what I find most appealing.

Working with sculptural materials challenges my skills, knowledge, and abilities, often requiring that I learn new ones. It demands complete physical, intellectual, and emotional engagement as I am creating it.

The materials used in the artwork have already undergone a process and continue to go through one.

All of the materials in this series were salvaged or scrap from other projects. They carry marks from their previous usage as well as from their “repurposing” as art media. Since the natural aging process has not been inhibited, each material will continue to change over time.

The final process occurs in the mind of the viewer.

The process of perception and comprehension fascinates me. It is the reason why I choose to make (and teach) art rather than work in the construction or fabricating industries. When looking at non-representational art, a viewer often seeks to create meaning through connecting personal knowledge and experiences to what they are seeing. As a result, there can be no “correct” or “incorrect” interpretations; this piece can be about whatever story, idea, or concept that may be imagined or felt while/after viewing it.

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Patrick Despres, Process Piece #15, 1998, Steel plate, laminated red cedar, 30 x 18 x 3 inches