Gloria  D.  Lee  has  spent 53 years  teaching  others  in the academic  fields  of  English,  history, geography,  science,  as  well  as  speech,  drama  and  art.  After  graduating from the  University  of Iowa,  Lee  began  teaching  middle school  in CA.

During a  leave  of  absence  from teaching,  Lee spent  4  years  living aboard a  50’ sailboat,  sailing  to San Francisco and  Sacramento  and  the  northern California  Delta region.  During those years  Lee crewed to  Hawaii  aboard  a  38’  boat  and back-packed in the  Hawaiian  Islands.  In  1977  she crewed aboard  a sailboat  in  the  islands  of  Tahiti.

Lee continued to  teach young people  until  1990 when  she began  teaching adults  painting and printmaking.  During the time spent  teaching,  Gloria  also studied  at  State University  of  Long Beach  and Fullerton,  Otis  Art  Institute,  and  University  of  California,  as  well  as  learning  from numerous  masters’  workshops  in  painting  and printmaking.  Currently  Lee  teaches  adults  painting and  printmaking  in the  adult  division  of  LAUSD,  Los  Angeles,  California  and  formerly  taught pastel  painting  and drawing  at  Palos  Verdes  Art  Center,  Palos  Verdes  Peninsula,  California.  Lee holds  a Lifetime Secondary  Teaching Credential.

In 2005  Ms.  Lee was  honored as  “Outstanding Teacher  of  the  Year”  by  Emerson  Adult  School affiliated  with the L.A.  Unified School  District  and the  Westchester-Marina Chambers  of Commerce.

In 2006-2008,  Lee served on the  board of  the  National  Watercolor  Society.

Gloria  D.  Lee  has  curated student  shows  in  Palos  Verdes  and  Westchester,  CA.  She has  also been  a juror  and demonstrator  for  numerous  art  organizations.  Today  Lee paints  in various mediums  and creates  monoprints  as  well  as  etchings  and collographs.

UCLA  Medical  Center,  among other  collectors,  owns  her  work.  Galleries  which sell  her  work include Gail’s  Frames  and  Gallery  in  Manhattan  Beach and Studio  345  in  San Pedro,  California.

Online galleries: as  well  as  Publications include  Palos  Verdes  Style  Magazine:  “First  Thursday”,  Watercolor  Magic:  Betsy  Dillard  Stroud “Challenge”,  Palos  Verdes  Art  Center  Class  Schedule cover  painting,  South Bay  People: “Watermedia-Traditional  and Experimental”,  and a coffee table book:  Palos  Verdes  Peninsula Area  Artists  by  Stephen Smoke;  published by  MS  Publishing,  2005.  Other  books  to include her work  are“The Creative  Muse”  by  Betsy  Dillard  Stroud,  Skirts  Across  the  Sands  by  Jan Dennis, Artistic Touch  4  by  Chris  Unwin,  and the  Society  of  Layerists  in Mixed  Media  book:  Visual Journeys.


Gloria D Lee, Walk the Walk, 2020, Oil-based inks monoprint on BFK paper, 9 x 12 inches (unframed)