My body of work is of familiar scenes and objects which I paint with emotional and visual honesty. I choose subject matter including landscapes, still life, animals and people that brings me delight during the painting process and I hope will allow the viewer to peek a little into my soul.  I enjoy using bold strokes and the thickness of the oil paint.

Introduction to Water Mixable Oil Paint is structured focusing on the Elements of Art: Line (Drawing) Color, Form, Shape, Texture and Value and the Principals of Design: Balance, Contrast, Emphasis on Focus, Movement, Pattern, Proporation/Scale, Rhythm and Unity/Harmony & Variety.

All levels of artists benefit from the lessons which include demonstration, painting, 1:1, group and self critique.  Handouts are provided.    Students are taught and encouraged to use large brush and loose strokes focusing on drawing, composition and values.  Students average 3 paintings per session and includes subject matter such as Landscape, Copying a Master, Still Life, and fun little quick study exercises.


Deborah E. Giese, Sunrise Reflections, 2020, 9 x 12 inches, Oil on linen board  


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