Untitled (Sandpipers at Torrance Beach) by Patricia Kellner   VIEW

Stonemilker, 2015, debuted at MoMA PS1 by Bjork and Andrew Huang  VIEW

Sandpipers and Stonemilker

Patricia Keller is a local Palos Verdes artist and online retailer  (greatarttools.com)
who submitted her innocent video capturing sandpipers on the beach during sunset. Running in unison against the setting sun, each bird’s silhouette peppers the light-reflecting waves.  The image reminded me of another coastline I had seen across the globe in another context altogether. It was also the responsive way in which Keller moved her lens across the nearby landscape that nudged my memory of another video. The sandpipers running along the beach in Keller’s video offer a relaxing way in which to engage with the world; turning our attention to mundane natural beauty may, in fact, elevate the subject to something ethereal or even spiritual. Perhaps this evolution is due to personal interaction and reflection, prompting me to recall Stonemilker. The subtle movements in Keller’s handmade video together with its subject of rolling incoming waves reflect the viewer’s interactive ability to engage with Björk and Andrew Huang‘s 360-degree virtual reality video. As she spins across the seascape and soundscape of strings, Björk expresses loss of love (with her ex-husband, American artist, Matthew Barney) casting it back upon her own native Icelandic shores.   As yellow setting suns or a flock of sandpipers all her own, Björk’s body may multiply or otherwise appear completely absent based upon each viewer’s interaction with the video by use of the upper left hand controller (or lack thereof). I suggest, therefore, an effective method for art making is simply art being through natural exposure of our innate innocence most often within nature itself.
Thank you to everyone who submitted videos this week. It was a treat for me to receive your thoughtful submissions. I continue to look forward to viewing more video submissions for posting and reflection in the near future. Keep creating! Videos exposing your painting process, instruction of how to achieve specific techniques, reading poetry you have composed, or animation shorts are great examples of how you are able to reach out and share art with our community.
Aaron Sheppard, PVAC Curator