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With ambitious activity, Jody Wiggins continually shares her elevated talents with warm smiles. In this time of need for leaders, Judy has yet again come to our rescue. Unequivocally, she delves head-on into specific secrets of her artistic process, exposed. The following video submission from Judy is, like herself, a true gem!   – Aaron Sheppard, Curator

“My love of art revolves around my struggles and successes to create on canvas and paper the mysteries of life. I am a contemporary artist. My styles are free and strong. My goals are to have the viewer enjoy my work yet intrigued by my subject matter. I love to make a blank piece of paper or canvas come alive. I want intrigue, mystery and soul to be a part of my art.

Art has been a bridge for me when times were sad. I know that life has its ups and downs, yet my world of art was able to camouflage my sadness and bridge my strength. I am very fortunate to be living the life that I am living today. I live in a beautiful place where I can see the ocean and listen to the waves. I am grateful for a life of peace and happiness with a terrific family to share my love of art.”
– Jody Wiggins