Rodney Boone, No. 18 (from the series “36 Views of the New Bridge”), Photography. The Summer Show.

The Summer Show

PVAC Artists Groups Juried Exhibition

July 24 – August 21, 2021

The Summer Show is a juried all-media exhibition hosted by and open for submission only to members of the Palos Verdes Art Center’s eight active artists groups: Artists Open Group, Pacific Arts Group, Paletteers, Palos Verdes Painters, Peninsula Artists, Photographic and Digital Artists, The Artists Studio, and Third Dimension.

JUROR: MARISA CAICHIOLO is an artist and curator who studied art history and curatorial studies; she holds a PhD in art history and psychology. Her research focuses primarily on the impact on social and political changes in society. She focuses on cultural exchanges researching cultural production fluctuating between theory and practice.

Her curatorial projects have been shown internationally. She is the founder of Building Bridges International Art Foundation an international non-profit organization based in Santa Monica, Los Angeles County. The foundation is conceived to be a platform for critical thinking, and researching; local and international programs in Los Angeles; art residencies; and education programs among others.

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Gloria Lee Memorial Award recipient: Yulia Gasio

People’s Choice Award recipient: Julie Winter

Annette Ahn, Paul Anderson, Norman Aragones, James G. Bardos, Melinda Barth, Rodney Boone

Paul Blieden, Elen Cantor, Michael Cinnamond, Charles Conklyn, Carlos Cuervo, Elissa Dicarlo, Lynn Doran, James Gardner

Yulia Gasio, Beverly Gates, Joanne Goodman, Lynne Haggard, Mike Ishikawa, Cinthia Joyce, Patricia Kellner, Ginger Lai

Carolyn Liesy, Douglas Magill, Carl Martin, Christine McNerny, Megan Mickael, Laura Millman, Margaret Mohr, Charlotte Moore, Diane Reeves

Anthony Moretti, Bobette Shafton-Davison, John Stinson, Ariel Swartley, Tom Wheeler, Julie Winter


This year’s summer celebration is truly exceptional considering our current situation.  Nationally and internationally, with COVID still prevalent, rapid social and political change, and our evolving climate taking huge tolls, it is so very important for institutions like Palos Verdes Art Center to keep creating a platform to exhibit the established, new and upcoming art talents in their region.

As a curator, it was a last-minute call, but due to my previous collaborations with the Art Center and my never-ending desire to explore, discover and connect with the arts community in different cities and countries, this was a great opportunity to discover some of the amazing local artists, today part of this exhibit. Of course, it was also an opportunity to spend time with fellow community members who believe that art is something to be shared, cherished, and celebrated.

The concept behind The Summer Show is to experience and embrace diversity. Through diverse art forms and expressions, we can experience fresh ideas and concepts explored through the lenses of photography, painting, and 3-dimensional pieces. While some of these pieces are conceptually or visually stronger than others, all of them share the same passion in responding to the invitation to re-energize and engage with the community.

I truly believe this summer exhibition will increase artistic participation in the institution fostering a sense of belonging, that in turn will invite young members of the community into a deeper engagement with the arts and the Center. In addition, I hope that the strength acquired through these brand new works and new faces in the exhibit will serve as encouragement for the young generations to keep producing, creating and bringing new, challenging and fascinating narratives to the community.

Marisa Caichiolo

This exhibition is made possible, in part, by generous support from –