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Nagomi Pastels

AAYF Projects 2021-22



Seurat Pointillism

By Jake Tedesco

November 2021


Using a Pointillist technique students will create a landscape inspired by Seurat’s painting The Seine

from La Grande Jatte. Dots of pure primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) plus black and white will be

placed next to each other and students will be able to see how they “mix” and create colors that are

not in our initial palette.


Student Objectives

• Introduce students to the artwork of Georges Seurat and Pointillism.

• Explore color interaction by using the method of applying dots of pure color to create other


• Discuss the organization of elements in a landscape.



• 8 1/2″ X 11″ 67 lb. Vellum Bristol Cover Paper: Cut into two pieces 5 ó” X 8 ó” each

• Drawing pencil (preferably with no eraser)

• Unsharpened pencil with eraser

• Dick Blick tempera paint: red, blue, yellow, black, and white

• Small reusable plastic pallets (or disposable paper plate palette or soufflé cups with lids)

• Paper towel

• Scissors

• Glue stick



Seurat Pointillism Video


Seurat Pointillism Power Point

Seurat Pointillism Lesson Plan PDF

Seurat Pointillism Resources

▪ Seurat Pointillism Project Labels PDF





▪ Distance Learning Tips – Suggestions to help make this experience enjoyable for all.

▪ Elements of Art – Resource sheet with vocabulary used by artists.