is 1) an amalgamation of informative artwork exhibitions from our past, 2) a follow-up with artists to showcase current projects and 3) a continued attempt to provide opportunities for emerging artists while 4) building bridges between all three components.

Scroll down to see Thus Spake: Carlos Cuervo and Dael Patton: 90/90, presenting works by a photographer who is a new member of PVAC paired with paintings and sculpture by a veteran instructor at The Studio School of Palos Verdes Art Center.

Thus Spake: Carlos Cuervo

Local photographer, Carlos Cuervo, has proven himself masterful in being able to relay a simultaneously innate connect and disconnect of humanity to earth – culminating in utmost awe.

In an attempt to make a comparison to Cuervo’s photography, I suggest sitting near the front row of a theatre to witness the opening sequence of Kubrick’s silver screen masterpiece, The Shining. As we are flown over uncanny expanses of Colorado terrain, a small speck of a vehicle, as a stand in for humanity, careens alongside nature’s majestic curves. A soundtrack more fitting for Cuervo’s entire portfolio must be Strauss’ Thus Spake Zarathustra for his display of nature’s overwhelming enigmatic power; it conjures existential awe for existing alongside such imagery.

We are made aware in his photographs that there is an additional layer, which radiates beyond our initial hypnosis of inherent beauty into each of his subjects as landscape. Each panoramic composition extends beyond its frame by leading our eyes across grandiose detail. Cinemagraphically, our minds are given access to elaborate upon such places presented to us. Cuervo’s photographs capture Mother Nature’s patient narrative existing miles and miles over our own heads.

The tranquility of such giants captured in Cuervo’s photography can ironically make his job appear easy. Upon pondering and imagining to ourselves where in the world? our wandering mind then questions how in the world? This is the genius of his work, for underneath all the beauty is an obsession only a true adventurer can understand.

In order to obtain such photographic shots of natural spectacle, Cuervo dedicates many months preparation time to witness each location first hand. Various technical equipment beyond his artistic lenses are used to navigate terrain by plane, car, boat, various weather instruments, and then, ultimately, by foot into territories often uncharted.

We look forward to Cuervo sharing more excursions to extend our reality – that would otherwise remain exquisite fantasy.

“Observation is a dying art.” – Stanley Kubrick

Cuervo moved to Palos Verdes two years ago. His sensitivity for the human experience extends into his professional life as local veterinary doctor. He joined PVAC last year to become more closely acquainted with his community of artists. We are pleased to welcome him home.

Pricing: 24 x 36 inches on Epson Premium Luster 260 Photographic Paper, $475 each

(please inquire for other sizes and mounting options: asheppard@pvartcenter.org)

See a recording of the March 20, 2021 Zoom presentation, PVAC Artists Canvass presents Carlos Cuervo, HERE.

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Dael Patton: 90/90

Dael will celebrate her 90th birthday this year – having been born the same year that PVAC was founded. We celebrate our dear instructor and mentor by showcasing examples of her well-known style of painting as well as new relief works in ceramics.

I recall visiting Dael’s studio on numerous occasions in preparation for her 2018-2019 solo exhibition at PVAC, DAEL PATTON: ABSTRACTION. At the time, I was only quite aware of her gestural abstractionist color field paintings. Her composition and application of paint appeared to resonate Hans Hoffman. Quite often I found myself looking beyond each application of color as being something more than the subject itself. The canvases would open up as if I were locating imagery in a multitude of clouds. It was interesting to hear from Dael herself where she derives inspiration:

“I am greatly influenced and awed by the wonder of nature. I believe this is reflected in much of my work even though it may not be intentional at the time of creation.”

Upon that same visit, she showed me some new works in which she would apply small sections of clay slabs to board or canvas. Each piece of ceramic had been playfully described with extremely subtle references, in my mind, to figures or animals – imprints and scratching across the surface – yet the gestures of line and pinching of material are just as deliberate as they are intuitive. As Pablo Picasso elevated modern art by introducing the western world to “primitive” examples from Africa, I get the sense that Dael too nods to something similar yet rather to be revered as highly developed and advanced cultures that we otherwise choose to ignore. Not Dael, however.

Dael’s works are just as vibrant and relevant today as is her inquisitive and inspiring self. She remains tapped into the overarching pulse of the artistic zeitgeist.

“The urge to create and the pleasure I receive from the activity have been with me for as long as I can remember. I have been involved with art all of my life.”

Happy Birthday, Dael!

Dael has been a painter and art instructor in California for over 30 years, the last 15 years teaching painting at PVAC. She has taught for the Los Angeles and Bonita School Districts, as well as LA Verne University and the Idyllwild Arts Academy. She has a B.A. in Secondary Art Education and an M.A. in Painting and holds a California General Secondary Education credential.

“Coming Together” was displayed in the recent Easy Reader feature article on local artist, Dael Patton; written by Bondo Wyszploski.

Read the story HERE.

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