Zoom screen shot, Silverspur / Soleado – DLA 3rd Grade Class of Ms. Easterbrook


May 10 – June 28, 2020


Curated by Gail Phinney, Community Engagement Director and Aaron Sheppard, Curator.

Palos  Verdes Art Center/Beverly G. Alpay Center for Arts Education proudly presents its Annual Student Art Exhibition, an exhibition featuring Palos Verdes Peninsula student work. This exhibition highlights this year’s artistic creations from Palos Verdes Art Center school-based outreach program Art At Your Fingertips.

Art At Your Fingertips Projects

Art At Your Fingertips, a 45-year old outreach program of PVAC, reaches 7,000 students annually on the Palos Verdes Peninsula with additional partnerships in Title 1 Schools throughout Los Angeles County. Run completely by parent volunteers, AAYF’s paramount objective is to help every child feel comfortable using art as a means of communication and expression­. This year, the program was delivered online and through Zoom to the students.

The 2020-2021 AAYF participants include Cornerstone Elementary, Dapplegray Elementary, Lunada Bay Elementary, Mira Catalina Elementary, Montemalaga Elementary, Palos Verdes Intermediate School, Point Vicente Elementary, Rancho Vista Elementary, Rolling Hills Country Day School,  Silver Spur Elementary School, and Vista Grande Elementary. Outreach Organizations: Watts Learning Center, Belmont Academy.


Project by: Mindy Kirton

Students learn about the history of technical drawing and pen and ink illustration techniques to create a drawing of an apple. The lesson teaches drawing, light and shadow, light/dark line weight and texture. This project demonstrates real-world illustration skills that are still used today.


Project by: Jake Tedesco

Inspired by the artwork of Ivan Aivazovsky, students are introduced to the world of maritime painting and the Romantic movement in art. In this project, using pencil and watercolor, students follow step-by-step instruction to create a sailing ship much like those that made the great oceans passable for exploration, transportation and trade.


Project by: Jake Tedesco

Using oil pastels on black paper, students will create a landscape using Grandma Moses’ simple approach: repeating bright colors of tints and shades and creating the sense of space and distance by stacking, overlapping and diminishing size. Fine detail will be made by scratching away some of the oil pastel to reveal black lines (from the black paper).


Project by: Mindy Kirton

Inspired by the textures found in the architectural designs of Antoni Gaudi, students explore creating actual texture on a clay surface. Clay laid out on a piece of cardboard is enhanced by adding various tiny objects such as tiles, beads or glass beads to create texture. Like the buildings and designs created by Gaudi, there is an emphasis of balance and harmony.


Project by: Robin Kiss

Desert animals favored by Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime storytellers and artists serve as the basis for this artwork. Students use lines and shapes that repeat in an organized way to make patterns. Final image may be cut out to transform it to a three-dimensional form

We are so glad the program continued despite the current situation.

My kids loved it!

– Choe family

Charlotte J., 2nd Grade, Silver Spur Elementary

Sophia P., 2nd Grade, Vista Grande Elementary