Gumbo Limbo, 2019, mixed media on canvas, 30 X 30 inches, $1200

VAL SIMON: in-house

Val Simon draws inspiration from nature to create her abstract paintings, sourcing the folds of tree bark to pattern Gumbo Limbo and exploring a tumultuous sunset in Happy Days. In her paintings of animals, she finds spiritual connection to her subjects from observing wildlife. In other compositions, she liberates the human form to provide choreographed moments for meditation.

Underneath it all is the perfect substrate material providing texture to her paintings. Years ago, she discovered her material of choice while observing the gestural movements of housebuilders as they used expert techniques to apply plaster to walls. To this day, Simon’s process incorporates an additive-and-reductive, back-and-forth dance with plaster, paint, and mixed media.

Val Simon’s work is included in many private collections in California and across the country. Her many years of extensive involvement at PVAC continue; her efforts are appreciated as an instructor, Artists Groups member, organizer, and member of the Board of Trustees.

Click HERE to view Errol Gordon’s’s companion exhibition.

Aaron Sheppard, Curator