ERROL GORDON: in-house

Errol Gordon has been active as an artist member of PVAC for many years and now serves on the Board of Trustees. He has exhibited his painting and sculpture locally and in the greater Los Angeles area, as well as in notable exhibitions in New York, NY, and Scottsdale, AZ where he completed his art studies at The Scottsdale Artist’s School. Our community benefits in having his participation both as a practicing attorney and an exhibiting artist. This is his first solo exhibition at PVAC.

Currently, PVAC is expanding its online presence to support our arts community. We are fortunate that some of our closest supporters are also some of our most talented – complete with a treasure trove of information. Case in point, Errol Gordon has engaged with other renowned 3D artists to provide a closer look into his lost-wax process for creating detailed bronze sculpture.  (See the video HERE).

We are proud to display the talents of two Board Member artists who support the Art Center through both their volunteer service and exemplary dedication to the studio.

Click HERE to view Val Simon’s exhibition, online beginning June 8.

Aaron Sheppard, Curator