September 7 – november 16, 2019

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Bennett Lieberman’s largely text and color-based visual art explores the relationship between color, image, and language. In the present exhibition he integrates imagery and ideas from mathematics and science, disciplines in which he has previously worked and that still hold sway in his current aesthetic thought and studio practice. The artist also includes a table delineating similarities and differences between artistic and scientific endeavors.

Poems or fragments of language, when viewed as overlays to color fields or as collage elements in other fine-art objects, acquire physical characteristics. Conversely, the visual elements in paintings, photographs, and videos resonate with transient and oblique meanings evoked by the associated texts.

Bennett Lieberman is a poet and visual artist who has worked in academia as a theoretical particle physicist and in finance as a quantitative trader. The mysteries of nature and language, and a desire to engage in practices that develop them, have been common threads in his research, his writing, and the art projects he pursues. He lives and works in New York.