Docent Training

AAYF Projects 2023-24

Art in Motion


Kandinsky’s Colors

Project by: Sandi Arthur

November 2023


Students will create concentric circles, inspired by Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky’s work. His special relationship with symbolic color, synesthesia and color theory convey mood and emotion using oil pastels.


● Students will have an introduction to color theory

● Students will learn historical context of abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky & Synesthesia

● Students will use various color combinations and make their own creative expression of mood through color choices.



● 1 (one) piece plain white paper 8.5” x 11” 80lb. (or near)

● Oil Pastels – Sakura Cray-Pas Expressionist Oil Pastel Set

● Tortillions (Blending stump)- Medium size

● Paper towel

● Small fine sandpaper to clean tortillon (optional)


Kandinsky’s Colors Powerpoint

Kandinsky’s Colors Lesson Plan

Kandinsky’s Colors Labels



Distance Learning Tips – Suggestions to help make this experience enjoyable for all.

Elements of Art – Resource sheet with vocabulary used by artists.