Joyce Weiss

Passion for Color

December 4, 2021 – January 8, 2022

Color is my life – I use it at full volume. I work with acrylic or oil paint and often use three-dimensional objects, collage, photographs, and text in my work. My world is populated by imaginary characters and reality bites. The distant past, the volatile present, and our constantly evolving future provides major inspirations for my work.

In these paintings, I explore the relationship between color and form. The excitement of two opposites colliding in space, the juxtaposition of light and dark, bright and dull, sharp and rounded, lines and dots. This emotional roller coaster of passion, dreams and nightmares, exists in my world of color.

With my painting and writing I attempt to expose the fantasies that elude us in our waking hours and the real-life events that effect the human condition in the twenty-first century.

Joyce Weiss


Joyce Weiss’s works of art demonstrate her love of color and life. She was known to use scraps of paper, scrawls, and drips, peppered with words, whether photocopied, stenciled or hand-drawn. She enjoyed making large pieces of art that fit together to create huge murals of action and interest.

Weiss was involved with PVAC dating back to the early ‘60s. She was instrumental in planning and creating many of the programs that have made the Art Center what it is today. This includes teaching children’s art classes, planning and participating in Art for Fun(d)’s Sake, and Art at Your Fingertips.

Her vibrant work has been exhibited at the LACMA Rental Gallery, The Southwest Terminal at LAX, Palos Verdes Art Association, and numerous other galleries in the Southland and across the nation.

This exhibition honors Joyce Weiss’s art and her memory.