“Camouflage usage in fashion makes it a staple in pop culture; however, it still serves its original purpose as a survival tactic to create visual disruption or blend in for armed forces and militias worldwide. How I dress, how I communicate with my peers, the art I create…it all flows out of the same culture. It also is my means of survival. It is how I adapt to my environment without losing my identity, whether it’s embracing the visual disruption that occurs by being the only Black person in a space or suiting up my favorite camo denim jacket to blend in with my a-alikes – it all flows out of the same culture.”

Jason Woodberry is a Charlotte-based multimedia artist that draws inspiration from beyond the stars.  His work showcases visions of the space and the future, through the African-American lens.  The narrative of his works address civil and political issues, all the while celebrating the perseverance and culture of black America.  Pulling inspiration from 60s and 70s futuristic concepts and retro American pop-culture, Jason Woodberry’s work depicts a universe beyond our own from young, black astronauts traveling the galaxy to interstellar hieroglyphics; toggling between contemporary and abstract artistic practices.