Robin comes from a family of artists and her creativity has been fostered by her parents since she was a child. Following this path, she has taught children and adults in local schools and art institutions including Palos Verdes Art Center. Robin has over 18 years of teaching experience. In this video, she demonstrates a fun and historic art form that even young children will enjoy.

Tie-Dye/ Ages 4 and up

The art of tie-dyeing is an ancient process that has been used as early as the 6th Century in parts of the world including Japan, India, and West Africa.

The materials needed for this project include paper towels or cotton fabric, coffee filters, food coloring, small containers or cups, and water.

Step 1: Fold paper towels/coffee filter

Step 2: Dip corners in food coloring

Step 3: Unfold and reveal the magic!

Students will learn about color, color- blending, and repeat pattern.

Robin is an imaginative and versatile artist and works in many mediums.  She finds that working with and exploring different mediums provides endless creative avenues for her self-expression. Her works are frequently noted for their whimsical style and her inspiration often comes from dreams.