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March 1

We are expanding our online presence with virtual exhibitions and e-blasts to members and friends. We would like to involve you, too.  PVAC will periodically post videos on our website that we receive from our members and the community at large. We view this as an open outlet for creativity, so let your artistic visions flow and submit videos of any length and genre, be it dance, spoken word, animation, etc.

SKIN IN THE GAME: ARTISTS DISCUSSIONS, moderated by guest curator Brent Holmes.

PVAC is proud to present its first ever-continuing discussion with artists online. This opening pre-recorded broadcast sets the pace for surveying the hearts and minds of artists included in SKIN IN THE GAME. With sincere gratitude to its Curator, Brent Holmes, PVAC is fortunate and proud to present his series as a tool for engaging in communication on sensitive topics, while also providing a unique insight into the studio workings of a diverse and talented group of artists from across the country.
These talks have been edited down into 30-45 minute segments for viewing. Consecutive discussions to be posted weekly. Read more HERE.
WARNING: These videos contains explicit language and may not be appropriate for all viewers.

Liz Cantine, as a local artist, author and instructor, has used her multifaceted talents to create A Brush of Giftedness. Writing multiple poems about famous artists, not only has she included illustrations by Heidi Dong, a talented artist and student of hers with autism, Cantine has also choreographed dances for her students to accompany each one. Read <MORE>.

Born in Germany and studying sculpture at Northern Illinois University, Sandra Leonard is quite aware of such historically critical art as it has mobilized her own; Wandering Bird revisits revolutionary thought that took place exactly 100 years ago. Aligned with Dada (anti-art) and Surrealism, from 1919 until 1932, Bauhaus was an epicenter for reinventing perception. From it, Oskar Schlemmer’s Triadische Ballet made its debut in Stuttgart in 1922. Derivative of the multi-disciplinary root popularized in a Bauhaus living art practice, Leonard creates Wandering Bird expressly for the purpose of celebrating Schlemmer and the long since defunct German school, yet still much relevant school of thought, made evident in her larger body of work. “I first create the costumes or wearable sculpture pushing the abstraction of the figure. When collaborating with performers to interpret the costumes, a reciprocal dynamic is set up as the costumes impede motion therefore, dictating and or influencing movement. The resulting performances bring the sculpture to life transforming the wearer into kinetic sculpture.” Leonard’s work was included in PVAC’s “Wearable Expressions: 7th International Juried Exhibition” in 2017. <READ MORE>
In times of uncertainty, local artists continue to encourage viewers of their works to engage in making the world around them a better place. PVAC has received submissions from three such exemplary local artists taking initiative to ensure that their art is imbued with the power to make positive change.  Impactful Gestures, <HERE>


Subtly, Ben Mabry’s “Memory Window” pans back and forth from a timidly caged viewpoint, merging imagery of blossoming fields of yellow and industrialized waterscapes. A parading knight appears frequently adding another somewhat lighthearted level of superimposed imagery. This is a clear reference to the Arthurian table’s search for The Holy Grail as juxtaposed with words by T. S. Eliot, in reference to the legend.  Window on The Wasteland, <HERE>

My love of art revolves around my struggles and successes to create on canvas and paper the mysteries of life. I am a contemporary artist. My styles are free and strong. My goals are to have the viewer enjoy my work yet intrigued by my subject matter. I love to make a blank piece of paper or canvas come alive. I want intrigue, mystery and soul to be a part of my art. Jody Wiggins in the Studio, <HERE>

PVAC has been seeking art to share with our membership and immediately found valuable content in this video provided by Francis Mastrangelo. He welcomes us to his working studio for an intimate glimpse into his mind as an accomplished artist of many disciplines. Handheld and DIY, Francis’ video is exactly the kind of take-charge moment we were looking for – it is intimately raw with the video’s strengths focusing on an almost one-on-one advice session between artist and viewer. All of this, and more, awaits us inside his sketchbook of magic!   The Magic Sketchbook, <HERE>

Fauna Nocturna, began when I discovered that coyotes had dismantled and played with a ceramics installation I’d created in my yard. Since then, I’ve employed hunting trap cameras to document wildlife as they investigate areas of my yard that I’ve manipulated for artistic purposes. These stills and videos give evidence to a generally unseen, specific animal experience which humans are not normally privileged, and reveal the human desire to interact, and connect with, wild animals.   Deb Diehl: Fauna Nocturna, <HERE>


Patricia Keller is a local Palos Verdes artist who submitted her innocent video capturing sandpipers on the beach during sunset. Running in unison against the setting sun, each bird’s silhouette peppers the light-reflecting waves.  The image reminded me of another coastline I had seen across the globe in another context altogether. It was also the responsive way in which Keller moved her lens across the nearby landscape that nudged my memory of another video. The sandpipers running along the beach in Keller’s video offer a relaxing way in which to engage with the world; turning our attention to mundane natural beauty may, in fact, elevate the subject to something ethereal or even spiritual.  Sandpipers and Stonemilker, <HERE>




Oskar Lafont: Underworld, <HERE>

High production quality is not imperative. PVAC is searching for content to share with our Members and community at large. Videos may be as simple as those created on one’s cell phone.
Send all inquiries and materials to…
Aaron Sheppard, Curator: asheppard@pvartcenter.org
Thank you for contributing!


March 1
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March 1
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