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Ansel Adams’ black and white landscape photographs of Yosemite and the West are the inspiration

for this project. Students will sketch on drawing paper with a pencil and Sharpie marker. Using

observational drawing techniques and resource sheets, they will practice identifying shapes, lines,

texture, and colors in an Ansel Adams photograph and translate them to a sketch. Once students

have mastered the techniques, they will move to another paper and sketch another Adams

landscape. To enhance the sketches, black water-soluble pencil and watercolor pencils will be added.

Student Objectives

• Introduce students to American photographer Ansel Adams.

• To recognize the beauty and drama in a work of art without bright colors.

• Develop skill in observation while learning a variety of drawing techniques.


Drawing: The art or technique of representing an object or outlining by means of lines. A drawing is a

more carefully constructed, usually final, image.

Elements of Art: Sensory components used to create works of art: line, shape, form, color, value,

texture, and space.

Sketch: Implies a drawing, usually quickly executed, intended as a way of exploring aspects of the


Observational Drawing: Drawing what you see.