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Paul Cézanne used artistic methods to render forms in space in a manner more true to nature.

Using white chalk and acrylic paints, students will create a Cézanne-inspired still life by experimenting

with the spatial indicators of size and scale. Applying curved strokes of color, they will learn how

different color schemes also affect spatial relationships.

Student Objectives

• Introduce students to the art of Paul Cézanne.

• Experiment with size, scale, near, far, and overlap.

• Explore color relationships: The color wheel.


Color Relationships: Also called color schemes or harmonies. They refer to the relationships of colors

on the color wheel. Basic color schemes include monochromatic, analogous, and complementary.

Perspective: A system for representing three-dimensional objects viewed in spatial recession on a twodimensional


Scale: Relative size, proportion. Used to determine measurements or dimensions within a design or work of art.

Still Life: Arrangement or work of art showing a collection of inanimate objects.