Self-described multidisciplinary creative with a penchant for storytelling, an eye for detail, and a love for the arts, Dana is a writer and creative director working professionally in the field of advertising. Journal and DSLR often in-hand, he is constantly seeking inspiration from the world around him. He brings 25 years of creative communication experience in general and multicultural markets, always seeking to make a deep connection, move product, shift perceptions, affect hearts, and influence culture.

February 2012, Dana founded and ran TastySpace gallery and exhibition space in Las Vegas and, in 2015, relocated to Houston, where he currently resides with his family.


The phrase “Black lives matter” and the organization of the same name share bedrock but, for some, they are fundamentally at odds. It was my desire, with the continued spate of Black killings and call-to-arms, to provide a bit of context for the viewer to reframe Black lives and shine a light on all the ways in which those lives impact society, thus underscoring the vitality of Black people, expounding upon our reason for being, going beyond a cry for existential validation. The medium is designed to keep a steady stream of thoughts rotating through the audience’s head such that they process one or more phrases subconsciously while taking in others. The intent is not that the audience memorize every single word but to give the sense of the richness of our contributions and have them extrapolate from there, perhaps coming up with solutions of their own. Black lives do everything that other lives do though, for some reason, that notion is not enough. By looping the words infinitely, the motion mimics the inexhaustible work to craft our own narrative that is required by and expected of all of us daily.