Brent Holmes is a multi-disciplinary artist with a deep affinity to words- historical, epistemological and ontologically themed creative projects. His primary objective is to nudge others in to a conversation he finds interesting and then become distracted and walk away. His most recent work has centered around the philosophical, and cultural consequences of Hellenistic hegemony, and representations of antiquity within the modern era.

Holmes also has sought to create a dialogue through several culinary projects, on the nature of communication, morality and identity, and would love to have you for dinner some time. He holds no degrees and most likely never will.

Being the son of an entertainer, he is thoroughly traveled but has never completely identified any one place as his home until moving to Las Vegas. Having exhibited both nationally, and internationally on occasion, but primarily within southern Nevada where he has claimed residence for over a decade at this point.

Next time you see him he will staring off into the middle distance trying to “figure out what that was all about” as usual.

Photo:  (Benjamin Hager/Las Vegas Review-Journal)