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AAYF Projects 2021-22



Created by Robin Kiss

February 2022





Inspired by the food paintings of Wayne Thiebaud, students learn to use different kinds of lines to draw a cupcake. Their cupcakes will be colored with diluted oil pastels. Dimension and texture will be added by blending the lightened color with the original oil pastels. Cupcakes will be cut out and glued to a light-colored paper. Using a darker colored oil pastel, students will add the bold shadows found in Thiebaud’s artworks. They will top their cupcakes with their favorite piece of candy.


Student Objectives

• Introduce students to the art of Wayne Thiebaud.

• Identify and describe the elements of art.

• Discover how placement is used to create illusion of space on a flat surface.

• Apply color by identifying changes in value.



Card stock and student worksheet will be provided by AAYF:

• White cardstock 8 ó” X 11” cut in half

• Light blue, light green, or lavender cardstock 8 ó” X 11” (only one choice per student)

• Student worksheet

• Pencil

• Oil pastels: Assorted array of both light and dark primary and secondary colors, including white and

brown. (If possible, use the Crayola brand, as they have a pointed tip).

• Canola oil: Tablespoon per student

• Soufflé cup with lid for oil

• Cotton swabs: About 10 per student (5 for blending with oil and 5 for blending without oil).

• Paper towel

• Scissors

• Glue stick

• Crayon sharpener (optional)



Cupcakes Video


▪ Cupcakes PowerPoint

▪ Cupcakes Lesson Plan

▪ Wayne Thiebaud Resources

▪ Cupcakes Worksheet

▪ Cupcakes Labels 



▪ Distance Learning Tips – Suggestions to help make this experience enjoyable for all.

▪ Elements of Art – Resource sheet with vocabulary used by artists.