Regina Vorgang installation view


Regina Vorgang moves between careers as a graphic designer and a weaver. The structured composition of her recent weaving reflects that history through typography as well as a strong sense of color and design. Uniquely, she plays with font style, shapes and color, and the interplay of positive and negative space to compose a witty comment on abbreviations ubiquitously used in social media contexts, such as BFF (Best Friends Forever), LOL (Laugh Out Loud), TMI (Too Much Information), LMAO (Laughing My Ass Off). Vorgang aims to engage the viewer’s eye through the interplay of composed geometric patterns. The artist comments, “the finished weaving isn’t often obvious at first, appearing as an abstract design until the letters emerge.”

A professional graphic designer since 1980, Regina Vorgang garnered awards for her design projects and built a successful graphic design studio in Connecticut. After many years as a graphic designer working on a computer, Regina longed to get back to creating artworks by hand. Trained in traditional arts along with graphic design, she was always intrigued by the art and craft of weaving. She participated in a variety of weaving workshops and classes until she found her love of weaving functional, artistic wool rugs, table runners and tapestries.

In 2002 Regina moved to California, and turned her focus to combining her unique graphic vision and weaving skills to create handwoven rugs, runners and tapestries that bring traditional craft and contemporary color and design to her pieces. Her work has won awards at fiber and craft exhibitions and gallery exhibits.

Regina has work currently on exhibit at Palos Verdes Art Center, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA; Atlantic Gallery, New York, NY; Mesa Arts Center, Mesa, AZ.

Her studio is located at Studio Channel Islands in Camarillo, CA. She shows and sells her work at her studio, gallery exhibits and her online shop.

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