Annette Heully, NIGHT FALLS series


Annette Heully is an internationally-exhibited artist with over twenty years of weaving experience, both in her art practice and in production weaving for fashion and interior designers. In this series of six related compositions, NIGHT FALLS, the artist creates intimate abstract weavings by exposing the warp, revealing negative space and calling attention to the materiality and structure of the connected threads. The meditative line drawings of Agnes Martin inspire this series of austere motifs. The weavings are small-scale but invoke a powerful visual impact when displayed as a grouping

Annette Heully, an internationally exhibited artist, earned her MFA from California State University at Long Beach with an emphasis in Fiber. She received her BA from San Francisco State University with an emphasis in Textiles. She was awarded the Public Installation Grant from Fiber Art Now magazine and is featured in the Winter 2023 issue. She was the Artist in Residence at the Llewellyn Gallery in New York, and a recipient of the Marilyn Werby Scholarship. She was the School of Art nominee for the Bergeron Award for Distinction in the arts. She has over 20 years weaving experience, which not only include her artistic career but production weaving for fashion and interior designers. She has taught in many different forms from workshops, private clients, and at the university level. She currently lives and works in her home town Ojai, California.

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