Ashanti McGee has called Las Vegas, Nevada home for most of her life. A working mother of four in possession of a Black body, living in a 24-hour city.  She seeks the sublime in the most unassuming spaces. The Southwest, mundanity, domesticity, and adolescence are common themes in her work. The idea of adolescence as a Black person, is reflective of the African American experience. One of constantly thwarted autonomy at the hands of forces both macro and micro, that have held Black bodies and minds hostage for centuries. In this work she takes on the subject of mundanity and domesticity as a forum for the exploration of Black inferiority. in her leisure time, enjoys tea, playing in the dirt (worms and crawly things included), cultivating land along with a sense of wonder at the folding and unfolding of the universe in its many facets.

Instagram: Thegeebee7

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