Docent Training

AAYF Projects 2023-24


Art in Motion

By Betsy Delurgio October 2023



Inspired by the works of Alexander Calder, students will create their own mobile on a stabile. The art element of time captures motion with foam and poster board.



● Heavy Weight Black, (red or blue ok) Poster Board 1 piece 6” X 12” (folded in half to make a 6” X 6”) 1 piece 4” X 8” (folded in half to make a 4” X  4”)

● Foam Sheets: Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue (get with adhesive on back if can afford – if not, glue stick works)

● Black (preferred) or Silver Floral Wire (22 gauge & straight if possible – instead of spooled)  Example: – Decora 22 Gauge Black Floral Wire 16-inch, 50/Pkg – $7 19 inches of wire per older student (9”, 6” & 4” piece), and 15 inches for younger grades (Just need a 9” & 6” piece)

● Scissors, Ruler, pencil, glue stick

● Scotch tape/Black Tape



▪ Art in Motion Powerpoint

 Art in Motion Lesson Plan

▪ Art in Motion Labels



▪ Distance Learning Tips – Suggestions to help make this experience enjoyable for all.

▪ Elements of Art – Resource sheet with vocabulary used by artists.