The Solar Shrine is an Afrofuturistic, interactive art installation which is inspired by the magical realism of Ancient Egypt and Nubia. These two ancient cultures believed in Ra, the Sun God. Ra had metaphysical powers as the giver of life on Earth and creator of the universe. Ra was carried by the solar barque across the heavens during the day, assuming many manifestations. At night, the barque would then go through the underworld and different dimensions/realities, in preparation for Ra’s rebirth in the east. The ritual of the solar barque was simultaneously connected to the Ancient Egyptians and Nubians belief that darkness and death would transform their ancestors from being in the land of the living, to being reborn through Light or the Sun into other realms/dimensions of the afterlife.

The piece itself is comprised of three structures. The entrance is the gateway, a tower through which people can enter The Solar Shrine. Atop this tower are four giant poofers, blasting flames into the sky. At the nexus between these four points is a solar disk, illuminated by the sunrise in the East. The main structure is a two-story shrine/observatory with an altar on the ground level, housing a solar barque carrying a second solar disk, also illuminated at sunrise. A stairway leads up to a second floor, open to the sky, with four continuously lit fire torches. The third structure is a shorter monument, housing the fuel needed. These three pieces together give the participants a way to experience the journey from the past, into the present, giving a vision of the future.

The inspiration of this art installation comes from the experiences and environment in Africa. There is a global trend of people all over the world looking for ways to connect to our ancestors on physical and spiritual levels. As all of humanity traces back to Africa, we believe that this art installation can bring that connection of our shared past into our present, and through expression and interaction, help shape our future together at Burning Man.

What future will you create?

Antwane Lee, Honorarium Grant Artist for Burning Man 2020/2021

The Solar Shrine, Honorarium Grant Selection for  Burning Man 2020/2021

(Video top, above, Credits to Gabrielle Norton and Caue Costa)

(Video bottom, above, Credit to Ben Gonzales for Videography) 

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VR Tour in Roundme

Roundme is a virtual tour application that allows users to view 360-degree panoramic models and multimedia content of real spaces. View the Roundme application of The Solar Shrine at this LINK.

Credits to Caue Costa and Gabriela Bustos

Kubity Go

Kubity Go is a cloud-based mobile application. It displays 3D models for immersive augmented reality/virtual reality experiences. To view The Solar Shrine, download Kubity Go on your cellphone and scan the QR codes below.

Credits to Jack Glavin and Gabriela Bustos

Mobile Solar Shrine QR code

VR Solar Shrine QR Code

AR Solar Shrine QR Code

VR Model in Enscape

Enscape is a real-time rendering and virtual reality engine mostly used in architecture, engineering, and construction. View the Enscape application of The Solar Shrine at this LINK.

Credits to Jack Glavin