The Solar Shrine, Honorarium Grant Selection for Burning Man 2020/2021

From its early inception, architect and artist Antwane Lee designed The Solar Shrine as a pop-up Afrofuturistic structure inspired by Ancient Egypt and Nubian cosmologies – to provide spiritual healing spaces in Chicago’s underprivileged communities. In receiving a Burning Man 2020/2021 artist honorarium grant (and considering its 80k global audience) the initiative evolved to promote radical diversity and inclusivity; seeking to elevate Black culture and all disenfranchised peoples. The Solar Shrine will host performances and discussions around three central themes: Afrofuturism + House Music, Healing Justice, and Building Local Power. We believe by connecting to our past, discussing the present, and envisioning bold futures – a collective CAN disrupt the current Black narrative. With such exposure, this art installation is poised to be a part of change. What future will we create? Join us!

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(Video above, Credits to Gabrielle Norton and Caue Costa)

VR Tour in Roundme

Roundme is a virtual tour application that allows users to view 360-degree panoramic models and multimedia content of real spaces. View the Roundme application of The Solar Shrine at this LINK.

(Credits to Caue Costa and Gabriela Bustos)

VR Model in Enscape

Enscape is a real-time rendering and virtual reality engine mostly used in architecture, engineering, and construction. View the Enscape application of The Solar Shrine at this LINK.

(Credits to Jack Glavin)

Kubity Go

Kubity Go is a cloud-based mobile application. It displays 3D models for immersive augmented reality/virtual reality experiences. To view The Solar Shrine, download Kubity Go on your cellphone and scan the QR codes below.

(Credits to Jack Glavin and Gabriela Bustos)

Mobile Solar Shrine QR Code

VR Solar Shrine QR Code

AR Solar Shrine QR Code

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(Video above, Credit to Ben Gonzales for Videography)