American Campfire

By Jake Tedesco

October 2022


This project is designed to introduce the student to the works of American master painters and the great American landscape. We will explore different paint and brush techniques. We will also explore the use of multiple light sources and the ability to use our materials to our advantage in creating an iconic image.


Visual Arts Language

Ellipse: A circle that has been stretched in one direction that looks like a flattened circle.

Landscape: Type of painting involving and outdoors scene.

Light Source: Natural and artificial processes that emit light

Reflections: Light bounces off objects and it is the reflected light that is seen. When it is dark and the light source has a color, the object is defined by that color.

Shadows: Light that has been blocked by an object, creating a dark area. They are important to establishing depth in a painting.

Silhouette: When an object has a light source directly behind it, only the outline of the outer edge is seen. This is because eyes adjust the brightest portion of the image, and the details of the silhouetted image are too dark to see.



1” or size 12 flat bristle brush

Size 1 or 2 round brush

Tempra or acrylic paint in the following colors: Black, white, orange, *dark green, and * light yellow

Paint tray/ palette. Should hold 6 colors

Black canvas board 8” x 10” PROVIDED BY AAYF


Paper towels


American Campfire video


▪ American Campfire PowerPoint

▪ American Campfire Lesson Plan

▪ American Campfire Visual Guide 1

American Campfire Visual Guide 2

▪ American Campfire Labels 



▪ Distance Learning Tips – Suggestions to help make this experience enjoyable for all.

▪ Elements of Art – Resource sheet with vocabulary used by artists.