The Beacon House 2020

This exhibition features photographs by the men of Beacon House taken during a five-week class presented on location by Palos Verdes Art Center. The program is instructed by teaching artist Henry Cherry, a journalist, documentary filmmaker and artist based in Los Angeles, California. Cherry studied painting and film at Antioch College in Ohio and at the University of Texas Radio Television and Film School.

The artist describes his role this way, “Through a community partnership, Palos Verdes Art Center offers arts programs with Beacon House to expand on therapeutic practices, delivering the men of Beacon House a hands-on program of photographic exploration they can use in real life situations, while also honing an artistic practice they can access for the rest of their lives.

As one of the first treatment centers in the Western United States, Beacon House has helped a multitude of people achieve a lifetime of sobriety. Situated on a hill above the Port of Los Angeles, it is literally a lighthouse for recovery.  A non-profit, Beacon House invests all resources into individualized care while continuing to provide affordable drug and alcohol rehabilitation.”

Proceeds from the sale of prints support this on-going partnership.  Please contact PVAC Education Director Gail Phinney for information and pricing at