Palos Verdes Art Center Presents Accent on Art was produced 33 years ago by members of PVAC. Fun to watch, it is also important to recognize the vast array of important programming offered at the time that continues to this day. See it HERE.

Current board member, Lois Olsen, assisted with the making of the film as part of the PVAC Video Committee in 1988. Olsen continues to be active in our programming and is a featured artist in the current online exhibition, Student Paintings from Dael’s Abstract Mixed Media Class.

At the time, Maudette Ball was not only Executive Producer of the film but also acting Executive Director. Sadly, Maudette passed away earlier this year. We are extremely thankful that she was prolific in documenting significant PVAC events during her tenure. Additional videos will be announced periodically throughout the year.

Maudette’s obituary outlines her many accomplishments; read it HERE.

Visit her online gallery HERE.