Art at Your Fingertips

Keeping Art Alive In Our Schools!

Now in its 39th year, Art At Your Fingertips, the Art Center’s visual arts outreach program, brings standards-based education to our local schools.

Each of the five Art At Your Fingertips projects combines art techniques, art history and aesthetics in lessons that meet California visual arts standards for all elementary grade levels. In monthly workshops, the artist who developed each project teaches the 300+ parent volunteers who, in turn, teach students DK-5th grade at every public and private school on the Peninsula.

2016-2017 Projects

Colorful Chaos


Inspired by the Abstract Expressionist movement and specifically the artist Jackson Pollock, students will create similar looking paintings by layering tissue paper, adding color with black pastel and flicking paint using a toothbrush for application.

Project created by Robin Jack Sarner


Boom for Real

A mixed-media project in which students create a painting inspired by the paintings of Jean-Michel Basquiat using a variety of layered drawing and painting techniques. 
Project created by Marianne Coble    

Tinting Color


Inspired by the artwork of Ton Schulten, students will create their own landscape by using lines and shapes they know from math. They will paint their drawings with original and tinted hues and experience, first hand, how a color’s value is affected by mixing in white.

Project created by Robin Kiss

Abstract Reflections


Inspired by Stephen Pentak’s magnificent abstract landscapes which include distant landforms, reflections in water, and foregrounded suggestions of trees, students will construct their own landscapes from the mind’s eye, using squeegees, palette knives and water soluble inks on paper.

Project created by Marlene Yamada


Modigliani Portraits

Students will draw a stylized Modigliani portrait on wood or paper that is “painted” using oil pastels in monochromatic colors(Younger children will use chalk pastels and paper.)

Project created by Marianne Coble

Audubon Birds

This 6th project is in celebration of AAYF’s 40th anniversary and is a generous gift of the Palos Verdes Art Center.

This project is inspired by the work and life of John James Audubon. Students will use a neutral hue paper and create a drawing of their choice of either a pelican or flamingo using a drawing pencil, charcoal pencil and finally pastels in select colors.

Project created by Jake Tedesco